“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

– Martin Luther King


''One of the most important areas we can develop as professionals is competence in accessing and sharing knowledge.''

 Connie Malamed

Labor Network, founded in July 2017, is an association that promotes the culture of innovation and networking in the world of work.


Its  debut was made in September 2017 with the publication of the practical manual of labor law (Ad Maiora edition) with the participation of Avv. Fabio Petracci (vice president), other network professionals and the preface written by Prof. Gaetano Veneto.


Prof. Gaetano Veneto and the Director of Cassation, work section, Prof. Nicola De Marinis together participate in a convention, organized by the Network, in the Lombardy region with the honorary participation of Valentina Aprea – previously Councilor of labor policies in the same Region.


The above-mentioned Valentina Aprea has declared to appoint the president of Labor Network to become a  head of an advisory commission of the Region for labor policies.


The sharing economy has a specific objective: ‘if you want to go far, run with others’.

The cultural change of innovation implies an adaptation of the methods of managing autonomous and subordinate work. For this reason, Labor Network represents a revolutionary point of view through the concept of exchange the experience and knowledge between different professionals in order to  increase the level of professionalism and training in the world of work.

The growing internationalization of the economic market and the employment market has
a major impact on legislation and research of labor law. Particularly within the European Union labor law is a subject of constant development. Aware of the inevitable changes in the law related
to the era of digitization, we have created a network of professionals specialized in labor law, which presents the new model of business based on sharing skills & competences.



It is a network of highly skilled professionals, who help companies and groups of companies to improve and innovate personnel management (f.e. HR transformation projects). Our network brings together lawyers, paralegals, technology professionals, IT leaders, support staff, practice management experts and vendors from a range of backgrounds to provide the legal community with practical guidance and sensible strategies for effective practice management.



We established a network of specialist in the field of labor law, because we highly believed in the model of cooperation in business based on sharing skills and competences between
the members and partners. Our network consist of the professionals interested in all aspects of labor
and employment issues, which are connected to create a new value on the fast-growing economic market.  The main activity is to:


1.The promotion of culture, professionalism and innovation in the field of labor law.

2.Deliver assistance and advice for the transformation in the industry 4.0 and digitalization of HR.

3.Promote the association through conducting trainings for individual professionals and companies on all labor law aspects (particularly innovation of labor law), organizing conferences, develop practical programs (online or face-to-face) covering a range of actual labor issues ( f.e. HR, staff transfers, redundancies, data protection), publish professional articles.



Belonging to the network gives the opportunity to “train to form”, where members share ideas and learn about new developments, issues, and practices in the world of work. Network is also about to share useful knowledge that enriches the professionalism of specialists in fast-growing economic market.



The Network is open to: registered and non-registered professionals, professional lawyers (magistrates, university professors), small and medium-sized enterprises, trade associations, employees or HR managers, trade unions, privacy managers, work& occupational psychologists, communication workers & managers. Also natural person interested in the field of labor law are welcome in order to be updated about current trends in this field.

Members of Labor Network (companies, organizations, unions, workers) are entitled
to take advantage of a discount -starting from 10% up to 30%- on services and products offered
by partners (or branches) affiliated with Labor Network.

Privacy managers, work, & occupational

Benefits of the cooperation

A new business model - SHARING of SKILSS & COMPETENCES

Time & costs efficiency

Innovation the businesses

Members benefit from each others